Robogee is a non-profit storytelling platform empowering capability and hope within the lives of refugees through advocacy and fundraising.

Invented by a Refugee Robotics Team

Robogee is a real robot engineered and named by Team Hope in 2016. The team competes globally, and recently won the largest robotics competition in the world.
Robogee and Team Hope have attracted international fame, getting picked up by The Guardian, The Washington Post, Al Jazeera, Now This and Buzzfeed.
Narrated by the Real Experiences of Refugee Youth
The encounters written about in Robogee’s story are based on the real life experiences shared with us by Team Hope. 

“It's my pleasure to show the world the abilities of refugees wherever they are, and especially the abilities of girls in technological developments.”
Amina Kabbour
Brought to Life by Multi-Aid Programs
We are Multi-Aid Programs (MAPs), a refugee-led NGO. Based in Lebanon, MAPs is revolutionizing what refugee education and livelihood looks like through its internationally acclaimed robotics team, innovative education programs and economic empowerment opportunities.
We provide education for more than 3,000 children and vocational training programs for youth and adults.

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